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Welcome to Manhattanville College’s Connect to Learning ePortfolio project! We have been using ePortfolios in teaching and learning at Manhattanville since 2010. Initially, our intention was to update a decades-old paper Portfolio System for the 21st century, but we quickly learned that this tool could be used in a wide variety of ways. This site is intended to share many of those applications with you.

Who We Are | Leadership Team

Let us introduce ourselves to you and tell you a little about our ePortfolio team, our campus, our project and our students. The current ePortfolio leadership team at Manhattanville is comprised of four faculty members, each of whom brings unique and valuable skills and perspectives to the project:

Jim Frank, Sherie McClam, Gillian Greenhill Hannum, Alison Carson

Alison Carson, Ph.D. is Associate Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department and Chair of Manhattanville’s Board on Academic Standards. This committee oversees the assessment and revision of the Portfolio system, a graduation requirement for all undergraduates.  She has guided the committee through revisions to the Portfolio and is committed to supporting the growth of ePortfolio on campus. She has been part of the ePortfolio initiative on our campus from the beginning, when our Library successfully pursued a grant opportunity in the Making Connections, FIPSE-funded project led by La Guardia Community College for 2009 – 10.

Jim Frank, M.F.A. is Professor of Studio Art and Chair of the Faculty Admissions Committee. He oversees the development of the Digital Media/Graphics concentration for the BFA degree and helped to launch a new interdisciplinary program in Digital Media Studies. His classes include Digital Photography, Web Design, Graphic Design and Computer Graphics 1, which serves as a course fulfilling the College’s General Education Technology Competency.  He joined the ePortfolio team in 2010. His photographs have been exhibited and published nationally and internationally and he brings an aesthetic sensibility to Manhattanville’s ePortfolio leadership.

Gillian Greenhill Hannum, Ph.D. is Professor of Art History and Faculty Coordinator of the First-Year Program at Manhattanville. She also joined the ePortfolio team in 2010. During the period with which she has been involved with ePortfolio, she has served as director of the College’s Castle Scholars honors program and has been a member of the Academic Policy Committee. She is also a campus liaison for the Council on Undergraduate Research.

Sherie McClam, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Manhattanville and Director of its Center for Teaching and Learning, inaugurated in January of 2012. She joined the ePortfolio team in 2011 and brings to the project her extensive background in pedagogy. As Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, she oversees our faculty development and Instructional Technology initiatives. During her involvement with the Connect to Learning project, she also has served on the Core Curriculum Committee at Manhattanville.


Our Campus
Manhattanville College was founded on New York City’s Lower East Side in 1841 as the Academy of the Sacred Heart, a boarding school for young women. In 1917, it was chartered as a college by the New York Board of Regents, empowered to grant both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Located since 1952 on a beautiful 100 acre campus in suburban Purchase, New York, Manhattanville today enrolls approximately 1,700 undergraduate and  over 1,000 graduate students pursuing B.A., B.S., M.A., M.F.A., M.P.S., M.S. and Ed.D. degrees. There are over 90 fields of undergraduate study, and the most popular majors are: Business, Sociology, Psychology, Communications and History.

Manhattanville’s mission is: To educate students to be ethical and socially-responsible leaders in a global community.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring the intellectual, ethical, and social development of each student within a community of engaged scholars and teachers;
  • Encouraging each student to develop as an independent and creative thinker in pursuing career and personal goals; and
  • Providing a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing environment which develops in each student a commitment to service and leadership within a global community.
Our Project

Manhattanville College has a distinguished history of using paper portfolios for undergraduate academic planning and assessment for nearly 40 years.  In the Fall of 2009, the College faculty voted to change the learning objectives of the Portfolio in order to emphasize reflection, integration and the mission of the College.  The new Manhattanville Portfolio objectives, 1) reflecting on and articulating formal and informal learning experiences as they relate to the College mission, and 2) developing the skills of articulate self-reflection and critical self-assessment, make the Portfolio the only curriculum requirement that emphasizes the institutional mission.  It has become evident that students are not able to engage in reflection and self-assessment on their own, which is what they previously had been asked to do in the Portfolio structure.  Therefore, the focus of our project is to establish and institute practices that support, encourage and develop the skills of reflection, self-assessment and integrative thought utilizing the ePortfolio and, thereby, to better engage our students in the Portfolio System.  To this end, we have focused on engaging with the Board on Academic Standards, the First-Year Program, the Office of Academic Advising, the Center for Career Development, the Core Curriculum Committee and faculty advisors.  We hope this project will not only help us to transition the Portfolio from a paper to a digital platform, but also help us to make it a more effective tool for student planning, reflection and integration

Our Students

Manhattanville’s undergraduate program has a very diverse student body of which 66% are female and 34% are male. Slightly over half (55%) come from New York; the rest come from more than 30 different states, including Alaska and Hawaii, and over 50 countries. Many of our students are first-generation College, and we offer generous scholarships to promising students. Our graduate students, most of whom are regionally based, can choose from programs in business, education, liberal arts and writing.


The Manhattanville ePortfolio leadership team has been active presenting papers at regional, national and international conferences and providing consulting services for institutions launching ePortfolio initiatives. Its first publication is forthcoming in International Journal of ePortfolio.


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University of Southern Maine (May 2012)

Smith College

Saint Joseph’s College, Maine



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