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Key next steps for scaling up on our campus can be organized into four categories:
1) curriculum integration, 2) assessment, 3) advisement and 4) administration/management.

Curriculum Integration
In the first, there is a strong desire on our campus to move the Manhattanville Portfolio System from a periphery—over there—curricular requirement completed independently by students and assessed and managed solely by the Board on Academic Standards to a fully integrated and credit-bearing part of our core curriculum. Discussions on how to accomplish this have begun among the committees responsible for curriculum development, management and assessment, and this will be a primary focus for our scaling up efforts. Attendance at the AAC&U Summer Institute for General Education and Assessment was crucial to pushing this effort forward.

Institutional Assessment
Success in integrating the Manhattanville Portfolio into our core curriculum will require that we develop a clear strategy for using the assessment capacities of ePortfolio. Key next steps in this area will include creating a process for integrating ePortfolio artifacts into curricular, programmatic and institutional assessment. First steps for this process are being investigated now. The First Year Program used ePortfolio for their assessment of critical analysis and reasoning in May 2012. This was a very successful first foray. We will be meeting with the Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness for further explore the use of ePortfolio for assessment.

Fully integrating ePortfolio into our core curriculum and assessment means that every student on campus will be responsible for creating, maintaining and submitting their ePortfolios to fulfill their general education requirements. Advisors will have significant roles in supporting students in this process. With that in mind, we view faculty development in the area of advising for and with ePortfolio to be a key next step.

Management of ePortfolio System
Given the central location of our ePortfolio to our Manhattanville Portfolio System, advising, core curriculum and assessment, administrative support for ePortfolio is crucial. We continue to seek funds from our administration to hire an ePortfolio Coordinator. It seems clear from our discussion of our key next steps, challenges and strategies for addressing these challenges for using ePortfolio as a network of connections will be a particularly useful strategy for us.

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