The Manhattanville Portfolio System: Using Inquiry and Reflection to Support Integration across a Student’s College Career

The Connecting to the Liberal Arts essay primarily asks students to reflect on their academic choices up to their Sophomore years. The hope is that students are able to think about their academic choices and reflect upon and make connections across their experiences. The Examining the Mission essay asks them to consider themselves and their activities as they relate to the institutional mission. Read more [...]

Learning for a Sustainable Future and Using Social Media for Social Change

Seeing photo elicitation and social media as powerful tools for learning and social change, this ePortfolio-based pedagogy engages students in authentic and generative processes for constructing and representing emerging understandings of complex ideas relating to sustainability and for motivating social change for a sustainable future.   This social pedagogy practice was developed for a First-Year Seminar entitled Sustainability: Creating a Future We Can Live With. It requires students Read more [...]

Professional Development Practice – Teaching and Learning Circles

Teaching and Learning Circles With tender loving care (tlc) as a foundation for faculty development, our Teaching and Learning Circles (TLCs) bring faculty, staff and students together in an inquiry-oriented learning environment designed to explore the ways in which ePortfolio practices can support and enhance their teaching and learning goals. In Teaching and Learning Circles (TLCs), small groups (6 to 12) of faculty and staff engage in a collaborative inquiry process in which they seek to Read more [...]

Reflective Pedagogy Practice – Weekly Reflective Journal and Comments

Expanding the Classroom in First-Year Seminar - Having students posting weekly reflections and reading and commenting each other’s postings built a community spirit within the class and extended the conversation beyond class time. In a first-year seminar, students were asked to post weekly reflections on the reading and class discussions. They were then required to read and comment on at least one of their classmates’ posts each week. Author: Gillian Greenhill Hannum, Professor of Art Read more [...]
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